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Personal Log
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Don't mind me. I'm just meandering around in my own mind. Since my car wreck in Portland a few years ago, my hand writing has really began to suffer. With enough visits to the chiropractor I'm at least able to type. My hand written journals have become sloshy.

Facebook has become a mindless soup lately. So I am coming back here to reacquaint myself with my writing, my mind, my soul.

Since my last writing I have been meandering around the other side of the world. I loaded my passport with the required VISA stamps and bought a one way ticket to Eastern Europe.

In Romania I was lied to and trapped until I learned to pay bribes for the ability to purchase a train ticket out of there.

In Ukraine I was robbed at gun point and his parting words were, "Welcome to Russia", after he asked where I was headed and I informed him I was going to Moscow.

In Russia, I was literally lit on fire and as my life was flashing before my eyes I managed to get my passport into the hands of the ring leader of a torch bearing mob. Upon realizing that I was as a matter of fact an American and not an escaped convict pretending to be one; There was much drinking of Vodka and uncomfortable hugs. A couple of months later I was showing my burn scars to the lady who is now my fiancé, her comment was simply, "That's not bad enough to stop you from getting married." Sound Russian attitude there. . .

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